What is an E-visa?

E-visa (electronic visa) to Saint-Petersburg was implemented in 2019. It is simply a visa that citizens of 53 counties(European as well) can apply for on your own through a Russian visa website. There is no difference from other types of travel visa, beside you can complete your application online.

  • It’s free!
  • No invitations, hotel booking confirmations or any other documents to show purpose are needed.
  • Issued 4 days after submitting.


1. Before buying tickets make sure you arrive exactly to Saint-Petersburg or Leningrad region! Your e-visa will not work for Moscow (for example), so don’t make a flight stop there in this case, because you will have to come back home

2. Your E-visa will be valid for 8 days, but that doesn’t mean 8*24=192 hours. If you cross Russian boarder on Monday (even at 11 p.m.), next Monday you should leave Russia. Kino Time 2020 will run from May 1 to 6. We recommend you buy a ticket to Saint-P. on April 30, Thursday, and the return ticket on May 7, also Thursday, this will be exactly 8 days E-visa maximum period! And don’t forget to let us know about dates of your travel so we could book a bed in the hostel for you if needed.

3. Look at the pictures in this post and check if you can get the E-visa or you don’t need visa to Saint-P. at all! If you didn’t find your country, then you need a classic visa to Russia costing 70-150$ depending on your mother country. And we are going to help you with some docs!

Mail us at kinotimespb@gmail.com or contact through any social network.

All info on E-visa can be found here: evisa.kdmid.ru.

We look forward to seeing you at Kino 2020 in Russia