Иконка камера


For the first time the Kino Time takes place in St. Petersburg, in a city whose beauty is hard to overestimate. In addition to cinematic and historically important places, you will find here an incredible atmosphere and energy that will uniquely give your ideas originality and courage.

The main events will be held at the Art Club "Kotelnaya" (m. Obvodniy Canal, Tambovskaya ul., 30), which is located close to the center and interesting locations.

The Kino-Time event is an opportunity to travel around Russia and explore cities, making films.

You can talk endlessly about the architectural monuments of St. Petersburg. Buildings built here before 1917, almost stayed the same. From the Neva river to the Obvodny Chanel and from the Alexander Nevsky Lavra to the port, everything looks almost the same as before the October Revolution. St. Petersburg at the same time combines architecture with completely different styles.

To get a feel for the atmosphere and streets of St. Petersburg, we suggest you watch films made in our beloved city.

  • "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" (1973), dir. E. Ryazanov;
  • "Dog Heart" (1988), director: V. Bortko;
  • "Brother" (1997), director: A. Balabanov;
  • "Progulka" (2003), director: A.Uchitel;
  • "Peter FM" (2006), director: O. Bychkova;
  • "Coco" (2012), director: Avdotya Smirnova.