Same as last time, Kino Time will be held in marvelous Saint Petersburg. City is not only famous for numerous cinematic and historical events, but also inriched with incredible atmosphere and energy, that will hopefully inspire you with some fresh movie ideas.

The main events of Kino Time will take place at art space "com.nata" ( Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo canala 136, just 7 min walk from Baltiyskaya metro station), which is located near the city center and main touristic spots.⠀

This cozy loft can offer two big halls and private courtyard.

Hall 1 will be transformed into makeup and dressing droom. Also our filmmaking workshops will take place here in between the filmming operations.

Hall 2 will be used as a postproduction studio, evening movie screening hall and a bar for our Kino parties.

Just in 7 min walk from Baltiyskaya metro station (Red line).

To enjoy the atmosphere and architecture of Saint Petersburg, we suggest you watch films shot in our favorite city.

  • "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" (1973), by E. Ryazanov;
  • "Heart of a dog" (1988), by V. Bortko;
  • "Brother" (1997), by A. Balabanov;
  • "Walk" (2003), by A. Teacher;
  • "Piter FM" (2006), by O. Bychkova;
  • "Kokoko" (2012), by Avdotya Smirnova.