What is Kino Kabaret?

Kino Kabaret's motto is: "Do good with nothing, do better with little, but do it now"

"Kino Kabaret" is an international association of filmmakers from all over the world, launched by Christian Lawrence in Montreal in 1999. Kino Kabaret is an independent community that unites professionals and film lovers. Kino Kabaret helps participants to develop their skills in movie production and filmmaking, despite limited resources, money and time. No matter what skills, capabilities and experience you already have, Kino Kabaret gives a chance to each participant to express oneself, present one's film-connected ideas, find like-minded people and create real short-movies. All of this is possiple due to the main idea of Kino Kabaret movement: supporting independent filmmakers in creating high quality film works.

Every year there are more than 60 Kino Kabaret festivals available all arount Europe. In 2020, you have a great opportunity to become a part of Saint Petersburg special Kino Kabaret event - "Kino Time". Kino Time 2020 will be held from May 01 to May 06, and we are expecting more than 150 participants from about 10 countries to join the event. We plan to produce at least 30 short films in 6 days during the the festival. Don't hesitate to join Kino Time 2020.