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Kino Kabaret

27.04.2018 - 03.05.2018

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What is KinoTime?

Kino Time is part of the international movement Kino Kabaret, which unites filmmakers around the world to create short films in a limited time. Kino Time is a new acquaintance, professional contacts, the opportunity to travel, shooting a movie, a creative atmosphere, acquaintance with the cinema world of other countries in the format of the approach to shooting and working methods, the opportunity to try yourself as an actor, operator, etc. and, of course, bright emotions and unforgettable impressions.

On April 27th, 2018 Kino Time begins its movement in St. Petersburg. We gather filmmakers, directors, DoPs, scriptwriters, sound engineers, actors, musicians and all those who are involved in or want to connect with the art of cinema. Why do we recommend the Kino Time?

  • Kino Time is a film shot for 12, 36 and 42 hours.
  • Kino Time is a chance to realize the boldest ideas, and also try yourself in a new role, regardless of professional experience.
  • Kino Time is an interesting meeting with like-minded people from different countries and cities and further interaction with them.
  • Kino Time is an exceptional opportunity to work with masters, gain experience, replenish your portfolio, take the first step on your way to a career in cinema, which is extremely important for beginning filmmakers.
  • Kino Time is an opportunity to state your idea in order to realize it here and now, despite possible technical limitations and a small budget.

From April 27 to May 3, Kino Time provides a venue in St. Petersburg, in a city with tremendous opportunities for filming; organizes master classes from successful filmmakers, meetings with interesting people, excursions, concerts, meals and assistance in placement; the final screening of future films of the participants at the "Colosseum" cinema.

Our community consists of professionals and beginners who share an interest in alternative methods of filmmaking. We will be very happy if you can participate in the project with your cameras, equipment, sound equipment, ideas, musical instruments. The essence of the motion of the movie cinema kabaret "Kino Time" in support of independent filmmakers and in achieving high quality work to prove themselves and make their cinema "Do good with nothing, do better with little, but do it now" - "Do good from nothing, do better with small, but do it now."

Иконка камера

Our mission:

Unite cinematographers from all over the world to create short and independent films, activities without any barriers, creating films here and now in 36/48 hours.

The regulation of the international Kino Kabaret "KinoTime" you can download below: